Michael Arrigo is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toledo, Ohio.  He received his M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing from the Ohio State University and has been included in many regional and national juried and invitational exhibitions.   He has received a G.C.A.C. Individual Artists Fellowship, and painting awards from The Columbus Museum of Art, The Maser Museum of Art and The Toledo Museum of Art.  He currently teaches at Bowling Green State University and serves  as a National AP Portfolio Reviewer. Arrigo has taught painting at Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy and served for two years as the director of Young Artists at Work, a nationally recognized arts outreach program for young adults. 


Most of my recent work begins as simple interactions with my family. I preserve some aspect of these interactions as photos, video or audio snippets and display them in ways that expose the meaning and strangeness immanent in commonplace objects and activities. As an artist I think of myself as a “tinkerer”. I go into the studio and take ideas, language, electronics— everything apart to see how it works. I attempt to put these bits and pieces back together in ways that expose underlying structures and unexpected tensions in the fabric of the everyday. I am increasingly interested in making work that reveals rather than conceals my messy process of experimentation in the hope that viewers will enter into the spirit of playfulness and shared discovery.


More writing about my work can be found on the WORDS page and at SMATTER ART

Exhibition CV (short version for non-academics)

Gluttons for punishment can download my full 26 page CV.  

exhibition CV  2014.pdf exhibition CV 2014.pdf
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full CV  2016.pdf full CV 2016.pdf
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