Spade, A Spade
Spade, A Spade             digital imaging on canvas     96" X 72"    2017

People die, often at the hands of other people. Death, however, cannot die. This is perhaps one of the things that make it troubling and powerful. Death cannot do what it is and therefor it persists in being. Similarly, Words cannot speak. They are incapable of performing that which they are. They cannot bring themselves into being.  Euphemisms are the words that we humans bring into existence because we dare not speak the words that cannot speak themselves-- words that might actually materialize the world as it is.  Euphemisms are the words we speak to bring a less troubling more convenient world into existence, a parallel world of alternative facts (thank you Kellyanne Conway).  Spade, A Spade is an attempt to lay some of the euphemisms of drone warfare to rest. 

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