Leg Up / Land on Your Feet Submission Page

Thank you for taking the time to participate in Leg Up / Land on Your Feet.  There are several ways that you can participate. To share your stories anonymously simply type a description of success and/or failure in the space below and skip the name and email. If selected, voice talent will record your stories for inclusion in the  project.  If you would like to be your own voice talent, you can use the space below to contact me (with name and email please!) and I will send you instructions on where to send your audio file or make arrangements to record your stories. 


 1.  Share a touching, interesting or funny story of a personal success, large or small.         How have  you succeeded with your family, at work, at play, or worship?

2. Share a touching, interesting or funny story where you have failed but lived to tell         the tale.  Everyone fails! Often!  Failure comes big and small, funny and painful,           random and fateful.  What lasting impact did your failure have?  What was learned? 

3. Don't forget to hit "submit".  The Captcha helps to assure me that you are a real           person and not a Spambot.

                                                    THANK YOU!

Leg Up / Land on Your Feet Participation

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