Evidently was an experiment and a challenge.  The experiment: Could I create reasonable work using an all-mobile workflow.  The challenge: Could I create one image per day?  You can see the results by going to instagram.com/bgartprof

This was my first attempt at being fully post-studio and anti-object, transporting the whole art making process out of the studio and into the world, and moving exhibition out of the gallery and onto the web. No SLR, computer, expensive software, hardcopy printout, or real world venue. Rather than taking months to make one piece, I created a work a day.  It was liberating and more than a bit scary.

For the tech heads:  Everything is shot with an iPhone 4S and edited on the iphone or iPad 1st gen.  Software: CortexCam (free), Snapseed (free), Over HD ($1.99). 

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