Elephant Call

 Elephant Call silent video loop, wood, found objects 9.05 min. 2012 36”X64”X12”

Elephant Call is a working through of many of the same themes of distance, world and spirit as AKA. I prefer the term logos to spirit, Logos is perhaps best translated as "the word remaining within". To the Greeks this unvocalized speech referred both to consciousness and also extended to include the unspoken order that is a feature of the physical universe and that largely lies the senses. Owen Barfield coined the very pedestrian term "the unrepresented" as a way of pointing to 
interaction of human consciousness and the physical properties of matter/energy that bring the the sensate world into existence. Rather than a strict Cartesian dualism where consciousness mirrors a physical world that exists independent of consciousness, Barfield held that the sensate world is "participated" into existence by a dynamic interplay, a call and response between the unrepresented and consciousness.

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